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    Talking Counter Strike Source Hacks

    Counter Strike Source Hacks by tRiToN

    CSS Hacks

    - Over 500,000 Network Site Members and Cheaters
    - Full Featured Cheats with Configurable Options
    - The Longest Running Undetected Cheat Site in the World
    - Become a VIP Now and Start Cheating Instantly
    - Amazing Mod and Admin Staff to Help You 24/7 in our Counter Strike Cheats Forum
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    Cheat Features: This Feature List Will Vary Depending on the Cheat Your Using.
    - Smooth Aim (look legit)
    - Movement Prediction
    - Aim Point
    - Auto Switch Target
    - Visible Targets Only
    - Max Distance
    - Aim Angles
    - Prediction Limiter
    - Aim Bones
    - Critical Distance
    - Visibility Checks
    - Penetration Checks
    - Smart Target Selection

    2D Radar
    - Show all players
    - Configurable colors
    - Configurable zoom/scale factors
    - Configurable position
    - Far
    - Player Name
    - Weapon
    - Bone
    - Health
    - Box
    - Enemies Only
    - Render Distance
    - Force Radar
    - Crosshair
    - Team Color Selection
    - Enemy Color Selection

    - Friend List: Never kill a friend
    - Hit List: Always Kill these players

    - Auto Fire: Auto kills the enemy
    - Triggerbot: Fires at enemy in xhair
    - No Recoil
    - No Spread
    - No Flash
    - No Smoke
    - No Fog

    - Speed Hack
    - Spin Hack (Dance)
    - Name Stealer
    - Bunny Hop
    - Spawn Protection
    - sv_cheats bypass
    - sv_consistency bypass
    - sv_pure bypass

    - Cross
    - Configurable colors
    - Configurable size
    - Configurable structure

    In 2000, Valve officially released the first-person shooter, Counter-Strike. This terrorist-based title quickly became a cult hit among PC users. It has just a few online-only game modes designed for simple, straight-forward gameplay. However, in just the few match types available, players found a deep level of strategy, with an addicting intensity that kept them coming back. Counter-Strike: Source, released in 2004, was a complete remake of the game, featuring a brand new engine that made visuals look more realistic and environments more interactive.

    Gameplay in Source is still focused on online multiplayer, with Counter Strike Source Hacks available as always. Compared to many modern shooters, the inclusion of only two game modes might seem like a mistake to some people. To the contrary, it is just these two modes that have had millions of players deeply absorbed in the intense action. In fact, a third mode which was included in the original Counter-Strike did not reappear in Source, as players were spending all of their time with the other two instead. These two game types are called Hostage Rescue and Bomb Defusal.*
    In Hostage Rescue, Counter-Terrorists try to save hostages taken by the Terrorists. The Terrorists, on the other hand, must attack the Counter-Terrorists and prevent their rescue of the hostages, who remain in a fixed position until being liberated. There are six different maps available with this mode, including locations such as an Italian town and a warehouse. The other match type, Bomb Defusal, contains the bulk of available maps in Source, with twelve available levels. These consist of several Counter-Strike favorites, such as Nuke and Dust. In this mode, Terrorists attempt a bomb plot, while Counter-Terrorists work to prevent it.

    While gameplay is largely the same in Counter-Strike: Source as the original, it runs on a brand new engine created by Valve. It allows for easy modification as well as use of our CSS Cheat. The engine, also called Source, was first used for CSS, followed by other Valve titles such as Half-Life 2 and Portal. It is a huge improvement upon the GoldSrc engine used in the original Counter-Strike. Source features realistic physics simulation that makes gameplay more captivating. It also gives the environment more interactivity, with more movable and destructable objects in the levels. There are many other improved enhancements to details such as gun wounds, and environment features such as water. Player models are also enhanced, with more detailed faces and expressions. Valve, as a company built largely around mods, hasn’t forgotten about the many mod creators out there. Modders have been able to acquire much of the code used in the engine, so they can easily create unique content for the game. This has ensured that content never dries up, with new ways to play and CSS Hacks that make gameplay more exciting.

    Counter-Strike: Source brings Valve’s classic title into a new, modern age. It features new graphics, more available CSS Hacks and mods, and several other changes and improvements. Also, in 2010, the game reached new audiences with the release of the game as a download for Mac users. To this day, Source still holds up with the competition, as it still has a large community of gamers playing online. In fact, this 8-year old title holds up better than nearly any shooter out there, most of which require a reboot every year to keep things fresh. Valve has dedicated itself to creating long-lasting experiences that they, and the many modders, can continue to improve.

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