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    COD MW Cheat Review

    First off I want to say that the cheat is very nice, I did have a couple of issues trying to get the cheat to work and I got myself banned by not following the directions as I didn't read and just thought I knew what I was doing because I was overly excited to use the cheat.
    So to get the cheat to work on my computer, I had to completely uninstall my a/v and update my windows which was hard to do because in my updates it wouldn't let me but the staff was nice and helped and now I know how to update my windows incase needed in the future.
    The ESP works great, I like the fact that I can go after as many kills as I want without looking like I'm cheating. I do however of course play smart. I don't go after every single kill that I can. I get maybe 2-4 kills per game. Just because I like to look like a legit player instead of cheating.
    I do get a lot of wins though!! Just because I can thanks to this cheat!
    The staff are also very helpful and friendly which is another thing that I like about this company. They were there to answer my questions and help me get the cheat working on my computer in a timing manner.
    Thanks for the staff for helping me and the coder for making this great cheat.

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    Thank you for the review! Glad to hear that you are enjoying the cheat!!
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