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    Review BFV after 1 and a half day

    Hi ive already have an review up my sleeve.

    So here goes the good ones:
    The silent hack is insane!
    There is no other way to describe this hack.
    I won't even call it an aimbot at this stage because you can littary hit everything you shooting at whitout the jumping around kind of aimbot I allways hate.
    And I rearly use the ESP and 3D map because really you don't need it only aim activate the aimbot and bam.
    I can finally use medic class in a way I enjoy and ooh boy you get alot of points on medic.

    Bad stuff I have seen and want to give a headsup on to new players.
    Admins: don't use single row of answers I got my hack to work but if you want to help players ask them more of pictures and upgrade this and that *in my case you could have sent me a link to upgrade windows 10 to .292. and give me a walkthrough on how to fix other stuff* but hey I know you have a life yourself and can't help a player 24/7.
    but honestly that can do more harm then good in the long run.

    so the verdict.
    Game wise whit the hack on 10/10
    Easy to use 8/10 I don't have a blue dot I need to click the top left corner in order to find the hack.

    Forum on the other hand is not the best when in comes to help BUT i'll do my best to help out as much as I can when it comes to BFV hack.
    Am gonna update this review when my months has gone.

    I am more then willing to say TRY THIS HACK OUT!
    Other wise you lose 2-5 days of updating fixing before you can play.

    last but not least.
    If you are like me a player who enjoys your BF but want the little extra overhand over other players take a leap of faith buy this hack and instead of have a 1.07 KD ratio you can get better whit both medic class and assult.
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    Glad to hear you're enjoying the cheat happy cheating
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