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    Rust Experimental Review

    So, I've been using this hack for a good few hours today and felt it necessary to drop my two cents on it.

    I was extremely sceptical when considering purchasing this, as I was almost 100% sure that it was going to be a scam, but I thought "what's 10? If it works it works if not oh well, I'm not massively out of pocket". So first things first, yes it's a hack that's fully working for rust and from what I've gathered so far, undetectable.

    Hopefully you're now reassured that it's fully working, trust me, I would definitely not be investing this much effort into a review just to scam you on behalf of this website, I would gain nothing from that, It's a fully working Rust Hack, you get what you pay for, but the real question now that's out the way is: "Is what you pay for, really worth 10/$15?"

    TLDR: Yes, I believe your money is well spent for what you receive.

    Long answer: Well, if you're purchasing this with the expectations of being able to hit every shot with your aimbot and see where everyone is with the ESP, you're going to be about 50% satisfied. The reason I say this is because I believe the hack is worth purchasing for the ESP hack alone, it provides full awareness of everyone, all the time and for that reason it's money well spent in my books. Now that I've got the pro's out the way, allow me to give you my brutally honest opinion about this aimbot. It's average at best. It works a charm close range, however the moment anyone is 10m+ away from you, or happens to be moving, it struggles significantly. Now, I can't imagine how complicated it is to make something like this, but what really throws me is that there's a fully working distance algorithm. It will tell you how many m's (I'm presuming the unit of measurement is supposed to simulate meters) other players are from you! If you have a fully working distance system in place, why not just go the extra mile and create the necessary parabola that the bullet would need to travel to reach a player at that distance, this would then allow you to aim with the correct gradient, which would make this a 100000x better aimbot! It would actually be worthy of the name aimbot. However as it stands, the aimbot is simply a usefull close combats tool that will guarantee you a headshot if you're standing pretty much right next to the enemy (which is very rarely when it comes to Rust).
    Overall I've had a positive experience with this hack and would definitely consider the other hacks available now that I know this isn't a scam. Sorry if this dragged on, I just want to give someone who may be in a similar predicament I was in earlier today, an idea of what to expect upon purchasing this hack.
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    Thanks for posting up your review, we appreciate it

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