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    Honest Rainbox Six Siege Review

    This is my honest review of the Rainbox Six Siege cheat. I took some screenshots, and did some recording. However, for someone reason the ESP doesn't show.

    ESP 9/10 The ESP is very good compared to other cheats out there. Ilikecheats is the only open R6 provider as of now, and the ESP is better than private ones. The standard is a green dot around the stomach area where the enemy is. However, here you get the same view you get when Cavierra has interrogated someone. It has a very authentic feel and I have yet to experience any bugs with it for the three weeks I've been using it.

    Security 10/10
    There's nothing much to say about the security. If you set the cheat up properly and use the injection method properly there's absolutely no chance that you'll get banned. This is state of the art coding and the level we're on is insane on Ilikecheats.

    Price 10/10 This is extremely cheap ! God damn. Cheat coders want an average of $180 monthly for R6 cheats while ILC gets you a MUCH MUCH better and more secure cheat for less than 10% of that price.

    Staff/Community 7/10 First off. The community is very nice. I made my own little post looking for people to play with, to my surprise I actually met a lot of cool people that I still play with The staff members are very helpful when it comes to setting up the cheat to your needs. They are however in my opinion very easy on the ban-hammer.

    All-in-all I'd recommend ILC for anyone that wants to cheat on R6. I'm planing on buying the CS.GO cheat and I'll make a review on that too. I also want to confront the amount of rumors there are regarding ILC saying ILC is a scam, such and such. Here's an advice for you, try it. You'll never go back

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    Thanks for posting up your review, we appreciate it
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