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Thread: cs go

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    cs go

    Cs go cheat going to be honest here.

    Design- Simple, inject and go.

    Features- Aimbot/norecoil/ESP/Radar/Overwatchsafety/Noflash

    Lets talk about the aimbot/silent aim. It works, but it doesn't really aim for anything specific, very random and if you watch it in overwatch, very noticeable. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. 4/10

    Esp- Works nice, headdots, and everything, exactly what you expect. 8/10

    Radar- Basic. 7/10

    price-15 dollars, little expensive but i mean comon 15 dollars, thats nothing in today world. 7/10

    Overwatchsafety- Pretty much tries to make you look legit except from the aimbot, but you wont be able to see people behind walls until they about to come out. 8/10

    In total i give this hack a 6.5/10. Some bugs sometimes, but as expected.

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    Thanks for the review, try using silent aim to help with your aimbot issues.
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