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    Talking CSGO hack review. [WARNING]

    you will fall in love with this hack

    Lets begin the review....


    What can I say, you can use this cheat without worrying that your account is gonna be banned next day however you need to be responsible obviously. I did a small test and I did get banned on one of my accounts. I went for week straight non stop around 3-4 hours per day just playing like a obvious cheater. My K/D was ridiculous. On my last day (before ban) i had killed like 3k people and had less than 50 deaths. Obviously something fishy about that as no one is that good.

    If you play responsibly and look like legit player and only use ESP as little help (what i do on my main account) your account will be fine.



    Amazing. Nothing more to say about them. Everything works fine. Specially love the way ESP works when you have OVERWATCH safe on. Like I said before it just give you that slight advantage above legit players as ESP will only appear just before guy comes from around the corner. My favourite feature if you ask me. But when you turn OVERWATCH off, ESP is still amazing.

    Only thing that was bugging me when I was playing hardcore was that I couldnt aim at the same position all the time. It was random. Couldnt turn off one of the aimbot features.


    $15 for whole month. I mean that's **** all. You go out with your friends and buy 3 pints and thats $15. (UK prices of beers are ridiculous). During month of using this cheat on my main, I've got 4-5 creates which I sold on market for like $1.50 each. So I made some cash back. $15 for hack and you get pure quality. Well worth it.


    Well happy with this cheat. I will be definitely getting it again. $15 for whole month there is nothing to complain about. I can't think of any ways to make this cheat even better. Maybe add some teleportations or some shit

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    Thanks for posting the review m8.

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