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    Infestation The NewZ Cheat Hack with Full ESP

    Infestation The NewZ Hack is Currently ONLINE and our most popular cheat!! Supports Windows 10 & 8.1 (64bit Only)

    NewZ by R4Z8R

    NewZ Hack

    - Over 500,000 Network Site Members and Cheaters
    - Full Featured Cheats with Configurable Options
    - The Longest Running Undetected Cheat Site in the World
    - Become a VIP Now and Start Cheating Instantly
    - Amazing Mod and Admin Staff to Help You 24/7
    - Backed by Paypal and for Your Safety & Satisfaction
    - Supports Windows 8.1 & W10

    Cheat Features: This Feature List Will Vary Depending on the Cheat Your Using.

    - NEW: Brand new code undetected by PunkBuster
    - NEW: Added Personal Lockers to the junk item filter
    - NEW: No Spread, No Recoil & No Bullet Drop
    - Headshot Aim for Super Fast Kills
    - Adjustable L/R and U/D Field of View
    - Adjustable Distance Limit for Players
    - Visibility Checks: Know When to Fire
    - Custom Aim Key: You Mouse or Keyboard
    - Skip CLAN MATES
    (Will not lock onto your clan members)
    - NEW: Change ESP colors for different loot items
    - Item ESP
    - Name ESP
    - Player ESP
    - Zombie ESP
    - Distance ESP
    - Render Distance
    - Crosshair
    (Enable or Disable)
    - Enhanced ESP
    (See their weapon's and if player is in Safe Zone)
    - Safe Zone Border Alert
    (Shows distance to SZ border)
    - Selectable Item ESP
    - Hide Items On Aim
    (Helps if you lag when aiming)
    - Player Notification (See Weapons All Players Have)
    - Adjustable Distance for ESP
    - Fade ESP at Distance
    - EXCLUSIVE: Screenshot Cleaner
    - PunkBuster Protection

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	1WarZ 2012-12-07 23-27-43-**.jpg 
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ID:	4133

    Gamers that are familiar with DayZ or War, Inc. will feel right at home with The War Z, a brand-new zombie MMO from Hammerpoint Interactive. Released in late 2012, the game gives players the chance to experience a zombie apocalypse like never before. The War Z is a first person shooter similar to other zombie games, but it features an expansive world that is inhabited by many players who are all trying to stay alive at the same time. It is available only for Windows PC, but the lack of a subscription makes the game more accessible to users, and the current list of features offered by The War Z hacks make it an even more appealing program. With engrossing, sandbox-style gameplay and a wide range of areas, equipment, and other content, The War Z is an all-in-one package that offers a zombie experience like no other game out there today.

    With no story to speak of, the only goal in The War Z is to survive. This is done by protecting oneself from both zombies and Bandits. Players must also meet their basic needs, such as finding enough food and water. The included level, Colorado, is a vast, open map that can be explored freely. Players often cover vast stretches of this digital world, as scavenging for food, water, and improved weapons and equipment is a necessity. Yet, foraging isn't the only way to progress, as killing plenty of zombies during gameplay will give a player more experience points to purchase skill upgrades. The War Z doesnít necessarily put the player in constant danger of zombie attack, however. There are areas called Safe Zones, which offer protection (but not immunity) from zombies. These are guarded by boundaries that can prevent zombies from gaining access, but they aren't 100% effective, so WarZ cheats are recommended to enhance a playerís ESP. Safe Zones can also be used as a neutral location to interact with other gamers. This makes it possible to conduct trades or create alliances, without the risk of being attacked. Characters cannot be harmed by other players in a Safe Zone, making it an ideal meeting place.

    Every character in The War Z is essentially the same - there are no levels to be gained or unfair advantages for long-time players. The separation between a new player and an experienced one is mainly the level of skill in playing the game. This means, compared to other games, that beginners are barely at a disadvantage. However, there are a few different distinguishing titles that gamers can earn throughout play. It is possible to kill other players within the game, in addition to zombies. In fact, even friendly non-playable characters can be killed. Perpetrating too many of these crimes will earn players the Bandit title. This designation enables other competitors to place a bounty on the Bandit, and offer a reward for taking them down. Bandits who go to extreme lengths in their killing sprees are branded Megabandits, which may be an attractive goal for some gamers. The WarZ cracks can help players achieve this title, in addition to fending off zombies. On the opposite side of the spectrum are Heroes, who are characters known for eliminating Bandits. Those players who havenít achieved any title are simply termed Neutral Players.

    One of the most appealing parts of The War Z compared to traditional MMOs is its price. Rather than a subscription service, users pay a one-time fee for unlimited access to all of the available content. Additionally, no in-game purchases with real money are needed to get ahead, so all players have an equal footing. There is, however, a currency within the game, as well as a shop that has a number of different items. The two different forms of money are called Gold Coins and simply money (or dollars). Players can either purchase or find the Gold Coins which are spread throughout the game, but the items that can be bought with them donít give paying users an unfair advantage. These items, which can be found in the Marketplace, include apparel, flares, clan upgrades, and more.

    Money found in The War Z can be used to purchase many more useful things, such as ammunition, supplies, food, and some melee weapons. The Marketplace doesnít include more uncommon items, nor does it sell most weapons, so players will be pleased to know that they must rely upon their skill, exploration and scavenging to improve their characterís inventory. Since the currency needed to buy the most useful things is only found within the game (and canít be purchased), War Z offers a unique challenge that ends the common in-game purchase problems that are prevalent in other games today. Some users, however, may not like this system, as they'd rather not spend countless hours searching for currency or other items. Fortunately, the Glowing Chams included with War Z hacks make it easy to find items quickly - so players can focus on more entertaining aspects of the game instead.

    The weapons that can be found in the game world vary greatly, representing real weapons with authentic uses and statistics. The available firearms include sniper rifles, machine guns, rifles, pistols, shotguns, and more. There is only one type of grenade at the current time, which is the trusty Frag Grenade. Also, there are many different varieties of melee weapons offered, including baseball bats, hammers, knives, and more. There is even a crossbow for those who like to hunt for zombies the old fashioned way. Attachments are available in The War Z as well, and they can be used to magnify vision, aim more accurately, and muffle the sound of a gunshot. If a player simply needs to see long distances, however, a set of binoculars is a handy tool. Several of the WarZ cheats also unlock abilities that can improve vision and accuracy tremendously. Changing the render distance or using Superman View will allow a player to gain a much better perspective of their surroundings on the large map, and the newly released Aimbot gives its user perfect aim.

    While The War Z may be lacking in game modes, it doesnít disappoint in the areas that count - the quality of content and the gameplay experience. Games that offer ten different play types canít match the authentic adventure that this title delivers, as it lets users take part in a world of survivors that all have the same goal in common. It gives the player a sense of community as well as exciting, user-driven scenarios that involve bandits, clans, and more. Additionally, with WarZ hacks and top-notch first person shooter action, Hammerpoint has delivered a successful first release that has already made its mark within the video game industry.

    Our Infestation Hacks have been undetected by PunkBuster and if they do get a detection we take them offline and give you extra days for down time so you never have to worry about your subscription time.

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    This hack has been updated to support INFESTATION THE NEWZ

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