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Counter Strike Global Offensive ( CS-GO)

Rating: 4 votes, 4.50 average.
Been playing this game the whole day now and I gotta say, never before have I loved to see the raging kids getting so mad over being trolled.
Makes me happy that for only a few euros, I'm able to make the "angry german kid" even more angry

The feeling of joining a server and being the only player left after a 74/2 kd is priceless.
Thank you, Ilikecheats for the best CS cheat I've seen!


  1. Snuke's Avatar
    [B]I've emptied out numerous servers with this cheat. I use it in full rage mode with my hair on fire. When I have it cranked up all the way, no one can touch me. It is the best cheat that I have ever used.

    It is tremendous fun listening to all the crying that starts whenever I join a server and start taking out the entire enemy side in 20 seconds with all one shot head shots. LOL[/B]
  2. soppskal's Avatar
    Is this hack still active and secure? Will buy it now if it is!