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Infestation hacks updated today

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We took the Infestation hacks and updated them to work with the current version of Infestation. If you never tried our Warz hacks before your missing out, we have amazing features like no clip, full aimbot, infinite stamina, no fall damage and over 40 other features. We have had over 100,000 downloads of our Infestation cheat and our loader allows you to use the full menu in the game, you can turn every aspect on or off while your playing. Check out all the updated screens below showing off the game and the video we just posted online. You can click here to register and download instantly.

Our Infestation released has never been detected by PunkBuster and we have a huge set of rules and tips to keep you undetected by FairFight. If you want more fun, more excitement and the best MMO gaming experience you ever had please do yourself a favor and get your download right now. We also have a full forum of reviews by real members you can check out online before you become a VIP.