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Call of duty ghosts screenshots

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New Call of Duty Ghosts Screenshots are below straight from the HD trailer. We took screens of every single scene and posted them below for you to check out. The trailer is below as well so you can watch it again and again. Also if you check the front page news we have more information on Call of Duty Ghosts and a section with new Call of Duty Ghost news and wallpapers. The video was displayed today when the Xbox One was announced.

“Ghosts” sets players in an alternate-future America that’s been crippled by a government in disarray. The Ghosts are remnants of the various branches of the Special Forces. They’ve adopted the best fighting techniques from these branches as they battle across an array of terrains and environments.

Also new to the franchise is an interactive dog, which the developers created with the latest performance-capture technology. The dog promises to be a loyal and important companion throughout the game’s campaign.

This being a “Call of Duty” game, there will also be new multiplayer gameplay to entice players to log in and take on friends from around the world on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. “Call of Duty: Ghosts” adds dynamic maps, including natural events such as floods and earthquakes and player-activated obstacles such as doors and explosive traps.

We plan to have the first ever Call of Duty Ghosts hacks and cheats released to the public the day the game goes on sale November 5th, 2013!