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Call of duty ghosts hack

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Call of Duty Ghosts has just been announced and we plan to release the first ever Call of Duty Ghosts hack to the public shortly after the game drops in November. If your like me and you love the Call of Duty franchise then your really excited about COD Ghosts. So far not much has been released other than a quick trailer and a few cover shots from the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. But this is what we know about the game so far.

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Whatís in a name? Well, just about everything actually. The fact that Infinity Ward is going with ďGhostsĒ rather than the hugely popular ďModern WarfareĒ means weíre witnessing the birth of a new Call of Duty brand finally. This makes sense, especially with Modern Warfare 3 slowly losing steam with players.

That said, we donít expect the Modern Warfare universe to simply vanish and we donít want it to with our MW3 hack still undetected. The current day setting is still hugely popular when it comes to military shooters, and thereís still plenty to explore within the modern era. Ghosts is probably going to kick off a new story within the Modern Warfare universe, keeping the setting but giving a new characters the spotlight.

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Ever since Call of Duty 2 released, Activision has been giving Treyarch and Infinity Ward different games to create for the Call of Duty franchise. Since Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 was made by Treyarch, that means Infinity Ward is on-deck with this yearís Ghosts. Black Ops 2 wasnít the huge hit they thought it would be so we hope things turn around with our Call of Duty Ghosts cheat.

The game studio behind Call of Duty 4 isnít the same group it was before Vince Zampella and Jason West took half the staff and opened Respawn Entertainment, but the developers at Infinity Ward have proven they could keep the blockbuster series afloat with MW3. That said, Ghosts will be the developerís first chance to prove that it still has what it takes to create its own world, and itís going to be interesting to see where IW take the series with Ghosts. Will it be more of the same, or will the developers flex their creative muscle? Iím not sure how much more they can do or what they can bring to the table, but we should find out more when they show off the Xbox 360 version of the game in about a week on May 21. You can see below that the console version of Call of Duty Ghosts will allow for 18 players online and have downloadable content.


Call of Duty: Ghostsí leaked box art shows current consoles as well as the PC art work. The Xbox 360 and PS3 logos can be seen on the boxes but we canít see any signs of the PS4 or the Xbox 720 logos. But that didnít mean that the next Call of Duty wouldnít be coming to the new consoles did it? Sure it didnít and this is why.

The end of the recently released live action teaser trailer showed that the gameís full reveal will be at the Microsoft new generation Xbox reveal event on May 21, and Activision has announced the game will be coming to other next-generation consoles. Itís safe to assume that youíll be shooting terrorists and prestiging on PS4 and Wii U as well. After the impressive visuals Sony showed off with Killzone: Shadow Fall during the PS4 unveiling, we canít wait to see what IW will be able to do with the advanced hardware. Our guess? Really high-resolution grey textures. Also the HD versions of the game will make for enhanced versions of ESP using our Call of Duty Ghosts Cheats when the game drops.


We canít wait to see what Infinity Ward has been cooking up for this game. The Modern Warfare series has been running on the same modified IW engine since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and itís starting to really show its age with all these new games looking like mods. Now, with Ghosts moving to the next-gen, itís the perfect time to move the series forward with the advanced visuals and gameplay options only a shiny new engine can provide.

So what can you expect? Itís hard to read the developersí minds, but we saw how Killzone: Shadow Fall seemed to open up its world with a massive, vibrant city and unbelievable sets. Battlefield 4 had incredible environment details and effects shown off in their 17 minute gameplay trailer. If those next-gen shootersí visuals are any indication, weíll just say, yeah, itís probably going to look absolutely amazing.


People already want to use Call of Duty Ghosts wallpaper & Call of Duty Ghosts desktop so we put up a few below for you, simply click to make each wallpaper or desktop larger and then right click to save as. We also included the Call of Duty Ghosts logo as well. Keep checking back and donít forget to grab our Call of Duty Ghosts Hacks and Cheats in November.