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New call of duty cheat coder

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April is here so I wanted to update the blog with our new hack updates for the month. We are excited about new Call of Duty cheats we plan to release soon. We have a brand new coder working on the best COD cheats in the world. Our Modern Warfare based aimbot hack was featured on MTV news and had over 2 million downloads! One of the great things is that our cheats stay undetected and have remained that way for years, while other sites get detected almost weekly. So get ready for the best cheats you can download for free once your a new VIP.

We have the best hacks in the world for The WarZ and you can become a VIP now and download them instantly with no wait time. We have had over 90,000 VIP subscribers use our instant kill aimbot. You simply load our cheat loader and then start The WarZ, the cheat will appear in the game to show you all loot items, all players and every zombie. You can even jump into and out of solid walls with the new War Z no clip just added. If your tired of getting killed by zombies because you canít run away or run out of stamina we have a solution for you, how does infinite stamina sound? Thatís right, you can run forever without anyone catching you, unless they already use our hack of course. We also didnít like how it was always dark and scary, so we made it day with our new night to day feature. Change the time of day in seconds and always keep it bright outside. Check out one of the screens below and sign up now!