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The WarZ hack still is our most popular cheat we have on the site. People are signing up in huge amounts to better their game play experience. The problem with The WarZ without a hack is that you have to run around for hours trying to find a weapon and ammo and other players almost always kill you. This means you have to make a new character, run around again with a flashlight and avoid zombies while trying to find guns again. It doesn’t make the game very fun at all. This is where we come into play. Once you register on our forum you select your VIP package and buy The WarZ hack, you then get instant access to our private forum where you download the cheat and load it and then go in the game. All the options are turned on and you see what a huge difference we make in the game at the very start. Check out the screen below and look at the game with and without The WarZ hack turned on. See how you can see all zombies, loot and players with the WarZ cheat? This actually makes the game more fun to play and keeps you playing longer. We have many players who say they wouldn’t keep playing the game if they didn’t have our 40+ featured hacks. Do you want to download now? Click here to sign up. Most people worry this is some kind of scam, please read our user reviews here and see what other members say about ilikecheats before you join us.

Before and After WarZ Hack Images
The pictures below show you what it looks like inside The WarZ without using any cheats. You can’t find loot easy or the zombies. Your basically running around for hours looking for items. The second image shows you how you can see all zombies, items and players by using our WarZ cheat with ESP and full aimbot.

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WarZ NoClip Mode
The War Z No clip allows you to go through any house, wall, car, building and even get on the roof of buildings without ladders or other ways on top. Simply press your no clip button and the player will go into a building. As you can see from the image below I was being hunted down by zombies and I simply went inside a house with no doors or windows so no zombie or player can get to me. =)

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Killer Zombies
Our cheat allows you to see every zombie with a box located around their body. You can adjust the view distance and see them up to 1000 meters away. It even comes with a nice fade out feature. When the zombies see you it shows a “zombie warning” at the bottom of your screen so you know how many are after you. Simply use unlimited stamina to get away from the zombies combined with noclip.
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