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The warz cheat update news

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Our WarZ cheat is simply the most popular cheat we ever had online here at ilikecheats. We wanted to give you update news and tell you what we are currently working on. The aimbot already is amazing because it will show you players at distance and make them turn green when you can lock on and kill them. So you simply wait, press your aimbot key and then lock on to the players head for the kill. Once a player is killed in WarZ they drop every item they have, meaning you can collect their weapons, food, ammo and medical supplies without having to run around the world for hours on end. No other WarZ hack has features we produced like “night to day” which allows you to turn the world into day and keep it that way 24 hours. We also provide you with “superman view” which allows you to fly up high and get a 180 degree view of the map ahead, players, buildings and more. This will really help you when you want to decide which way to go next. One of the worst things in The WarZ is trying to run all over the map as your stamina seems to give out in 40 seconds. You won’t ever have that problem again with our War Z Hack, we include infinite stamina so you can run forever. Check out the amazing video below showing you our Warz Cheat in action and I also posted up a few screenshots. To download instantly go to our registration page on our forums and then once you sign up select a VIP package.

We just added the new WarZ noclip to the hack which allows you to run through any wall or object on the map. Having this feature allows you to get away from other players as well as all the zombies coming after you. Sign up right now and get instant access to the cheat. Also make sure you check out all the user reviews on our website.