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New Warfight Hack Video

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Check out this new video showing off the Warfighter Hack in action, we get shotgun kills galore and show surprise chop kills we can get all the time due to our ESP. The ESP for those of you that donít know put a glowing red box around the enemy and you can see it all the time. If the enemy decides to hide behind a brick wall guess what? It wonít matter because you can always see them. So run behind the enemy, grab them and chop them to death with your axe, itís great fun! I didnít think I would really like Medal of Honor Warfighter but once I played for about 4 hours it kept growing on me, not itís all I really play. The great news is the game has super fast action and itís the best Medal of Honor game to date for sure.


Now on the new new video we just posted by FluffyHamster (our amazing video guy). In the video you can see a box around the enemy player that appears red. Notice you can always see this in any map, thatís showing you how to always see the enemy. When the red box turns to green it means the enemy can now be killed, so you simply click your aimbot key, your weapon locks onto their head and you fire our super bullets. This new super bullet feature allows you to kill any enemy player with one bullet to the head. So you can run around any game killing off everyone just as fast. Click the register button below to sign up and download our MOHW Hack instantly.