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Infestation Hacks | New WarZ Hack by ilikecheats
ilikecheats has the most popular The WarZ hack in the entire world. We have such a massive following for this cheat we put the coder on it full time. WarZ is a zombie based MMO FPS game with tons of things to do by yourself or with other players. The problem is to many people have issues escaping the zombies and they always die to fast. Players also can't find weapons and other players always kill off everyone. Why is that so bad? Well you can't respawn that player for an entire hour and it takes 5 minutes to make a new character and get back into the game. So we helped everyone out by making a WarZ hack for everyone, here are the features.

Free Infestation Hacks Change Night to Day
This allows you to always make night turn to day. This means you never have to play in the dark again. You can also keep it as bright as you want at all times.

The WarZ Hacks Flying View
We allow you to change your view so you can see the map area around you, all zombies and other players. This means you can always get the extra advantage and see where you want to go next.

WarZ Cheats Infinie Stamina
Don't you hate running for 3 minutes then having to walk for 10 minutes while your stamina recharges? Well don't worr, our infinite stamina let's you run forever without getting tired.

Infestation Hacks Glowing Chams
Make all zombies glow red so you can see them from far away. Make all players glow white so you can spot them in the woods and kill them before they kill you. Make all items glow green so you can spot the weapons and ammo and grab it as soon as your near.

WarZ Player Identifier
Color codes the players names so you can see if they are friendly or if they will kill you. Players who have never killed another player are green, players who do nothing but kill who they meet are purple in color. This gives you the edge and let's you know who to kill and who you can work with. Download our Infestation Survivor stories hacks now when you get VIP!


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