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Infestation Hacks

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Infestation Hacks
Check out the videos below showing off our Infestation Hacks that are the most popular in the world! We have over 40 amazing features like day to night, where you can make the game daytime forever, we also have a killer aimbot where you can kill people at 500 meters out. Are you tired of other players killing you after you loot for days on end only to steal your guns minutes later? Now you can see players coming at 1000 meters out and kill them before they kill you. To make things easier we show you all loot items like weapons, ammo, food, drinks and more. We even mark all zombies so you never run up on one and get surprised again. Check out the screens below we just took after playing the game and REGISTER NOW HERE to get the Infestation hacks!

See every zombie, even when they are behind objects!

Find all the loot easily with our ESP loot markers!

Find other players and kill them from over 500 meters away!

Use superman view to see everything from above!