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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Cheats

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We will have brand new Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Cheats released on our website before anyone else! R4Z8R has already been testing the beta and has his code ready to release to the public. You can check out all the features below including aimbot, full ESP and much more. I also posted our Black Ops Cheat so you can see just how good this cheat is going to be when it's released.

Feature List
- Autobot
- AimThru
- AimAt
- AimKey
- Visibility Check
- BoneScan
- Knifebot
- AutoSwitch
- Autoshoot
- AutoWall
- AutoZoom
- AutoProne
- Field Of View
- Human Aim
- Aim Speed
- Ping Correction
- Friendly Aim Esp
- Name
- Distance
- Pose
- Skeleton
- Smiley Face
- Weapon
- BoundingBox
- Line
- AimDirection
- HeadDot
- See Dropped Weapons
- Helicopter
- Planes
- Sentries
- Dogs
- Explosives
- Explosive warning
- Enemy warning
- 2D Radar Removals
- No Recoil
- No Spread

- ZoomHack
- PlayerHud
- Draw Stats
- Chat Spam
- Draw Fps
- Draw Time
- Draw Resolution
- Crosshair

- Set the fade of the radar
- Set the fade of the stats
- Four slots to save settings
- Ability to move menu
- Menu fully mouse controlled

Are you ready to tackle the latest offering in the Call of Duty series? Black Ops 2 is receiving a great deal of attention, and it seems to be well deserved. From what the developers are reporting, it is the most ambitious Call of Duty title to date, and any serious gamer wouldn't be caught without it! What kinds of changes can you anticipate?

First off, the engine behind it now allows you to go off mission so to speak, which is a big departure from the previous design. Before you were locked into the story, which didn't differ based upon your in-game decisions. Black Ops 2 is set up differently, where you'll have loose objectives to meet instead. Thus, you can veer off course if you wish, and take a new direction at will! Obviously, you'll be limited to the map itself, and you can't proceed until you hit all of your required objectives first. Yet, with those constraints in mind, you'll have a great deal of freedom to customize your experience.

Further, the setting of this Call of Duty game is highly unique as well, as it is the first to be set in the future. This has opened up a whole new world of units, weapons and vehicles for you to use! Expect the weaponry to be very advanced, as you are going to be taking on robotic tanks, airborne vehicles and even fighting units. From the preview trailer, you can see that tanks with massive metal legs are included in Black Ops 2, and you'll be hitching rides on fast-flying aircraft. One mission even calls for you to ride on horseback, as you fight the enemy on the desert sands!

Clearly, the scope of this new game is impressive, and you're likely excited to begin playing. Yet, you may be dreading the difficulty of the online matches as well. With such a popular game, the level of competition is likely to be staggering, and you may be worried about keeping up. Luckily, our Black Ops 2 Cheats Hacks provide a fast and effective solution, which will allow you to quickly master this game!

With a full suite of powerful features, you'll have your pick on the battlefield. For instance, do you need help hitting your opponents? This is a common problem, as players are always on the move, and you'll often have to take on more than one enemy at the same time. Our Aimbot will quickly put this issue to rest, as it will track and lock onto players from the other team automatically. In fact, you can set it to Auto Fire as well, so it will take care of everything for you! Other upgrades include 2D Radar, the option to remove visual obstructions (Removals) and a variety of informative tags (like Health, Name, Class and Distance).

Clearly, with our Black Ops 2 Cheats Hacks in your corner, you'll instantly become an experienced soldier with valuable skills. In fact, you'll even surpass the most talented players - allowing you to level up quickly as well. So, why not give yourself this type of extra firepower, when competing online? Simply go to our VIP Forum to register, and you can have access to our quality Black Ops 2 Cheats right away.