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    Quote Originally Posted by Cialdo
    wheres the download link
    Please visit your VIP forum section.
  2. GirlGamer's Avatar
    Your already setup with BF4 as I see your a VIP now.

    Welcome to the forums.
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    Aimbot and dupe as well as no clip is coming VERY soon.

    We have had no bans at all so far, not even one.
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    if we use a second steam account for hacking on same computer , did i have a chance to be both banned ?
  5. mywar's Avatar
    add no clip and i buy it 50$ easy
  6. ogcookie94's Avatar
    aimbot and dupe when will it be out omg
  7. GirlGamer's Avatar
    The Rust hack has been out, just click the link in my post to register and download!
  8. ogcookie94's Avatar
    when will it be out
  9. GirlGamer's Avatar
    We are testing the full dupe hack for Rust as well as the aimbot and will update here and everywhere else when the new features are added.
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    Hey is there any approximated date of when the aimbot and dupe glitch get released? I'll be very interested!
  11. GirlGamer's Avatar
    Hey AbuseTheSystem, the speed hack works by pressing "F" while your moving forward. If your still having issues after that try letting us know in the official Rust VIP forum for a quicker reply.
  12. AbuseTheSystem's Avatar
    I can't seem to get the speed hack working?
  13. GirlGamer's Avatar
    The cheat is being updated now to work again, will be online shortly!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by adolf hitler3rd
    can i use giftcards to buy hacks? it wont let me use a visa gift card
    Yes you can we have an option for 300 different payment types.
  15. GirlGamer's Avatar
    You need to go to the HELP VIP FORUMS and simply request a reset.
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    Nice job R4Z8R